Monday, November 16, 2009

what is danishspace...?

To visitor(me) ,
what is this space? asked the visitor,
is it you, your thoughts, your expressions
And you were here to show the world that " i too have Ego"
the artists Ego... that i was the best in the school.
Ever herd of a creative Ego.. an Ego creating a home..
a " khander" where i am me(sometimes) , i am me (most of the times), i am me(all the time)
PS: sometimes + most of the times = All the time (hence proved) PS: Ego wants to prove
i can meditate, i can scream ..
i can scream for attention too.." Heyyyy there! ...Look at me.. i am still the best"
"i know you are looking!!!"
And any child ( this home ) is purest at moment the birth..
and only purity has the power of being impure again.

0 comments : " i will slap you `the GR8 Ego` and make you stronger ..
i will make you write the stuff that is soo you "
33 coments : " Those were the days" Anonymous :the best thing in the blog bhai
not contributed by my ego..."
that also reinforces the ego T16 @ 200 we civil engineers says sometimes.
the ego of starting with small letters..
Ego :" Engliss gramerrrr kisi key baap ki hai"
( reading again what i have written )

buss... i,you,Ego(with E capital,Ego of the word e/Ego) says... stop.. thats enough...

Eo may I's,you's egos,........who is writing this for whom...

Ego (me)