Tuesday, January 27, 2009

अमा !!

अमा !! लोग चमचागिरी करें ........ नहीं रोकते ,
पर जब लोग "fork"गिरी करतें हैं ,
तब चुभता है!

Monday, January 26, 2009


झुला झूले साये साये ।
झूल झूल सिरे खुल जाएँ ।
सब मुखोटे छु हो जाएँ ।
हवा माथे से जब टकराए ।
माथे पे खिचे बल मिट जाएँ ।
डर ,मज़ा ,चीख ,पुकारें ।
चलो , बचपन की सैर कर आयें ।
झुला झूले साये साये ।

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

बटन और चैन !

एक बटन था बेचारा ,
दिल दे बैठा चैन को।
पता थी उसको सच्चाई सब ।
कभी सिरे न जुड़ पाएंगे ।
चैन को दूर से ताका करता ।
चैन जुड़ कर रोज़ इतराती ।
लिपट लिपट के नाच दिखाती ।
धागे के बल बंधा रहता बेचारा ।
एक दिन घुटन ने जंग जीत ली ।
धागों कि जंजीरे तोडी ।
आजाद हुआ इस लीला से वो ।
आज भी कहानी सब बटन सुनते ।
कि ,एक बटन था बेचारा ,
दिल दे बैठा चैन को...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

gOD !!

God is inhuman.
God is in human.
Nothing is accidental.
What say?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


What a beautiful ...

Usually we end this statement with our " desires".
just forget about any desires ......
float in the bliss of infinite desireless, possibilities...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


GOOGLE " BARRUKAT" @ 9 :10 PM 4/01/2008
barrukat is a especial word used for hardcore bhopaliis...
I was searching its origin for months now...
finally i find it in the book called " The Begums of Bhopal"
by Shaharyar.M.Khan
It goes like this -- p11

"Thus one day around 1712 , a phalanx of 50 Mirazi-Khel tribesmen , fiercely loyal to the young pathan and his family , together with his father , wife and five brothers rode into berasia to the sound of welcoming drums and joyous celebration. This event saw a new chapter being written in Bhopal's history as these Mirazi-khel tribesmen became the pioneer settlers of Bhopal. They were called barru-kat pathans of Bhopal .(literally the shrub dwellers) who initially made their homes with thatched reeds.It was they who fought for , made sacrifices for and loyally served Dost Mohammed Khan and his descendants to become the original pioneering families of Bhopal.Apart from his father and Mehraj bibi, five of Dost's brothers joined him in Bhopal.They were Sher , Alif , Shah ,Mir Ahmed and Aqil . All expect Aqil died in Battle."

Now google it ......

Friday, January 2, 2009

अमा !!

" अमा !! बैरी की गुठली , चौराहे पर मत थूकना , उग गया तो, राहियों को पत्थरों से बचना होगा । "
- दानिश