Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aug 3 , 2009 7: 10 Am -7:20 Am ( Dubai, just finished night shift)
not in order ....

1) On a spiral (Fibonacci)

Eternally caged in this universe.
Always in search of ends.
trying to cross the matter of infinite big bangs.
journey it is ....
on a spiral (Fibonacci)


Its Noise !! stated the ego
vibrations of particles
reached the judge.
was it music?
self vibrated
in divine resonance
music or noise ?
eternally unjudged.....

3) god!

Light trapped between 2 mirrors
an unseen opaque
senseless energy
ignorant recurrence...
that's god for you....

4) The matrix
retrieve from full ..
save in empty..

zoom in to absurdness
zoom out to absurdness..
system failed!!

5)random chaos embraced: stars.....

Random system generated
system imploded form outside
exploded from inside.
random system generated
random chaos embraced..

6) I am

needs 2*n refection's
to be
I am again...

7) Ego and moment..

traces of moments
still uncaptured
fluidity achieved ..
it bothers my ego very much..
Ego :" you fool!! try harder..."

8) Thought :part 1

thought captured
just lost a thought!!

thought flows; remains forever.....

9) Thought (part 2)

Mr tailor can you stitch
a beautiful red dress.
thought ! i am
"Unpicked by the receiver.
May be
in red i will find a subject"

Mr tailor: " Sure !let me note the dimensions.
smallest part is dot .
end is open .. expanding?"

At this moment Mr tailor is stitching the red dress
I caught that naked thought.
wrap it , in words.
presented to you..

PS: Blogging after a long... guess witnessed some connection... at the above mentioned time, i lost control .. and just starts texting(nokiaE51) the words coming in my mind...
and this is what i typed... like a flowing river... i just flows though me... what ever i try to capture i am presenting it to you.... honest and unedited.... not to judged ... just feel and experience...
Was that connections or just lack of sleep?... well i don't want to decided...
cause i enjoyed .. every moment of that time frame...state of bliss was that....!!?!?

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