Sunday, July 29, 2007


Wanted a suitable match for kajri...

karji details

caste : Bhil
Birth Place : Neebukheda , MP , India
Age : 8 years
height : 4'6"
color : wheatish

Dark truth about child marrige in India....

Child marriage usually refers to two separate social phenomena which are practiced in
some societies. The first and more widespread practice is that of marrying a young child
(generally defined as below the age of fifteen) to an adult. In practice this is almost
always a young girl being married to a man

Child marriage has been illegal in India since the passing of the
Child Marriage Resistant Act, 1929. In this Act, the term child refers to a male younger
than twenty-one, or a female younger than eighteen. A marriage falls under the scope of
this Act if either of the contracting parties meets its definition of child.

beautiful short film ( must watch) :

But the main question is how to stop it ????

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