Thursday, May 10, 2007

opa tuda bum!!

opa tuda bum!!

Wait!! is this a bump......

Uzair : I think gas is over........

Dan: abey chup chap chalo..( shut up and drive)

abey buntys (*)IPS(**) see... { (*) our school's Ex-principal s new school(**)}

Car stops there....


Gaurav:(cold voice) kya hua? (wat happened)

Uzzu : dhakkaa maaro ..(push the car)

Then , first drop of paseena(sweat) fell of my nose.

Somebody :shit it is 9 pm ..... on a dark ,lonely highway !!{ exaggerated }

Shukla : abbey tum chup chaap dhakkaa maaro...Salley nikaamey!! {edited}

we all were pushing { lies : i was not, I was taking picture }

Suddenly wind blows taking my 2 streaks of hair to the other side of maang (maang mey sindhur waalaa)(Hair Parting)

I know god is watching us.

Suddenly shukla bends on his right...I was taking a pic... and he wants to be in that pic..

Divine intervention ...

tempo stopped...

(God has sent an angEl)

Man comes out of tempo...

wearing a blue colour raincoat...typical common man types!!

Without saying a word.... he starts pushing the car with us..

After 50.55 mts he stops pushing..

He walks towards his tempo...

he brings rope and toe our car.........

he then toed our car to the mechanic's place

we offered him some money...but he refused

Now this is called short boring story! Right!!


But when these types of people lives in this planet... their is a hope...he was not a hero!! he was also not a bundle of millions of cells synchronized to do nothing!!

He surely has left his legacy in my mind!!

I will remember him as a helper!!

Gratitude: now plz pray with me :God plz where ever he is keep him and his family safe , and away from all the worlds evils....may god bless us all!!! Amen

((((why opa tuda bum ?
Because at that time their was one spam in everybody’s scrapbook… so in those days it was our tagline “opa tuda bum!! “ like namastey ,salaam, good morning types.


Dan (Danish Siddiqui) : Narrator( unseen )

Shukla : Ankur Shukla( in white shirt ,taller)

Uzzu :Uzair Alvi ( in striped white shirt , cute one)

Gaurav : Gaurav Gopal Pandey( red T-shirt , hunk)

Common man : Uncommon these days


dhaval.. down... but not out... said...

now dis was some actual dan bhai style narration... spelling mishtakes se bharpoor... but nevertheless a wunderful heart warming narration... keep going dude... n i promise i wud regularly visit n comment on ur blogs... tcre.. dhaval

P.S.: btw helper was an ANGEL not an angle!!!.. he ehee

Danish siddiqui said...

thanx for ur response!! Dhaval.. MS office not installed in my PC..
so no spell check available!!

Edited : ANGEL TO ANGLE...


Danish siddiqui said...


Gaurav said...

hey Dan !

I still have memories of that day in my mind ! And u just freshened them. Along with pics and narration.........i just went in past as if i am living that moment right now.He was an angel in true sense ! Good work.......and undoubtedly u r an artist and ur poem etc...all r too good !

Anonymous said...

hey man..
i was nt there with u that day, but the way u have u narrated the story is so amazng that the whole scenario has come alive in my mind.. good work man.. keep it up


Sucharita said...

hey nice experience makes my "belief" strong tht there r still good ppl arnd in the world...liked the title "opa tuda bum"